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  • 1) Where are MMX’s shares traded?

    The Company's shares are listed for trading in the BOVESPA under the symbol "MMXM3" and "MMXM3F" for odd-lot market. MMX has entered into an agreement with the BOVESPA to list its shares in the "Novo Mercado" the highest level of corporate governance practices. MMX also has the GDR program (Global Depository Receipts) traded under the symbol "MMXMY" in the over – the - counter market (Level 1 - OTC). Each of the Company's common share correspond to 1 GDRs.
  • 2) How are MMX shares traded?

    MMX shares are traded under the ticker "MMXM3" and "MMXM3F" for odd-lot market.
  • 3) What are the share rights, advantages, and restrictions?

    The company's shares (MMXM3) guarantee to its headlines all the rights predicted for in the MMX`s bylaw, in the Corporate Law and in the Novo Mercado regulation, among which include the following:

    • right to vote in the Company's General Meetings, in which each common share correspond one vote

    • right to the compulsory dividends, in each social exercise, not inferior of 25% of the net income of the respective exercise, adjusting according to the art. 202 of Corporate Law.

    • right to alienate common shares, in the same conditions enforced to an eventual shareholding controller, in case of alienation, direct or indirect, as an onerous control of the company, both through a unique operation and successive operations (tag-along).

    • right to alienate the common shares in public offer to be realize by the controlling shareholder or by the company, in case of cancellation of registration of public-held company or cancelation of listing of common shares of Novo Mercado Company, at least for its economic, determined through appraisal report, which is elaborated by a specialize and independent company . In the hypothesis of having Diffuse Control:

    (i) in case of cancellation of registration of public-held company, the company can only acquirer the shareholdings shares who had voted in favor to the cancellation of registration after having acquired the shares of the others shareholders, who had not voted in favor of it and had accepted the public offer referred; and

    (ii) in case of Novo Mercado Company exit, whether by register for shares negotiation out of the Novo Mercado, or by corporate reorganization, the public offer must be effected by the shareholders, who had voted in favor of the respective deliberation in General Meeting.
  • 4) How and when does MMX disclose its information?

    All MMX's material facts, earnings results and other notices to the market are published simultaneously at CVM/Bovespa and at the investor relations area of the Company's website (www.mmx.com.br) and sent later by email to persons registered to receive this information. To receive information by e-mail please register here. Complete financial statements are published annually on the widely circulated newspapers. Quarterly financial statements, material facts and notices to shareholders are available in the investor relations area of MMX's website (www.mmx.com.br). Other information about the Company also may be obtained on the website of São Paulo Stock Exchange (www.bovespa.com.br) and at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil - CVM (www.cvm.gov.br.)
  • 5) How to invest in shares?

    Before looking for a Stock Broker, it is suggested that you study about the subject at Bovespa website. The next step is looking for a Stock Broker. The brokers and others financial intermidiaries dispose of professionals focused on market, sectors and companies analysis, and with them, you will be informed about the right moment to buy and sell determinates certain shares to obtain best results. You can also negotiate shares by internet. For this purpose is necessary to be client of one Bovespa Broker that has the Home Broker system available, which allows shares negotiation by internet. 
  • 6) What should a shareholder do to know its shareholder position?

    Any change can be done at any agency of Banco Itaú Shareholders who have the custody of MMX shares at the Companhia Brasileira de Liquidação e Custódia – CBLC, should contact the broker that was responsible for the investments to update the register data.
  • 7) Who should a shareholder contact in case of address change?

    Any change can be done at any agency of Banco Itaú. In order to make the change, the shareholder should have the certified copy of the following documents: RG, CFP and voucher of residence.

    Shareholders who have the custody of MMX shares at the Companhia Brasileira de Liquidação e Custódia – CBLC, should contact the broker that was responsible for the investments to update the register data.
  • 8) How many shares MMX has?

    The company's capital of MMX Mineração e Matálicos S.A. is compound for 6.488.184 ordinary shares and currently the free float is of approximately 47%.
    • 9) How can I contact the Investor Relations area?

      MMX Mineração e Metálicos S.A. – In Judicial Recovery
      Rua Lauro Müller, 116, 24º andar, sala 2403, parte
      Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Zip code: 22290-160
      Phone: +55 (21) 3237-5200

      Clovis Paes de Carvalho – Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer

  • 10) Why does MMX calculate EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA?

    The EBITDA reflect the profit before net financial income and expenses, income tax and and social contribution of depreciation and amortization. The EBITDA is used as a performance measurement by the company administration. It is not a measure adopted by Brazilians or Americans Práticas Contábeis, do not represent the cash flow for the presented periods and should not be considered as a net income substitute, neither as liquidity indicator.

    The MMX administration believes that the EBITDA is a practice measure for ascertain the operating performance and permit a balance with other companies with the same segments. However, notes that EBITDA is not a established measure according to the Brazilians Accounting Principles (Corporate Law or BR GAAP) or Americans Accounting Principles (US GAAP) and can be defined and calculated in a different way by other companies.

  • 11) How can I negotiate Brazil's GDRs (Global Depository Receipts)?

    It is necessary that the investor has a North-American brokerage account make an order to the broker, as is done with the trading of shares in Brazil. Alternatively, there are Brazilian institutions (banks, brokers) that have partnerships with institutions abroad and can take the services of brokers, can also be used with means of access for placing the order. So, just a buy order is given to an American broker, directly or indirectly. The depository institution is the Bank of New York Mellon. 
  • 12) What is the advantage or disadvantage to negotiate instead of GDRs shares?

    The trading of GDRs configures an alternative to foreign investors who wanted to trade shares of the Company, but have no brokerage account in Brazil. With the advantage of the foreign investors receive possible dividends in dollars.


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