Notice to the Market
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Notice to the Market
BNDES approves allocation of long term financing for the Serra Azul Unit expansion project
MMX Mineração e Metálicos S.A. ("MMX"), the only Brazilian iron ore mining company with integrated logistics listed on the Novo Mercado segment of BM&FBOVESPA, in compliance with article 157 of Law No. 6,404/76 and Instruction No. 358/02 of the Brazilian Securities Commission, hereby informs their shareholders and the market in general that the Eligibility Committee of the National Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES) has approved the allocation of a long-term financing package in the FINEM financing modality, for the implementation of the expansion project for the Serra Azul Unit, located in the Iron Quadrangle region of the state of Minas Gerais.
The final terms of the financing required by MMX for its subsidiary, MMX Sudeste Mineração S.A., from the BNDES including conditions related to amount, term, interest rate and guarantees, are still subject to the approval of the Credit Committee and, subsequently, the Board, both entities being part of the BNDES.
The production capacity of the Serra Azul Unit will reach 29 million tons annually of iron ore. The new processing plant is scheduled to be in operation by 2014.  The new plant will be the first in Brazil with the capacity to process on a large scale compact itabirite, a rock commonly found in the region. For the transporting of production, the new iron ore processing plant will have a slurry pipeline approximately 7 kilometers long, connecting the mine to the new MMX Sudeste Mineração S.A. rail terminal to be built alongside the MRS Logística S.A. railroad track. The project also envisages the construction of water pipelines and a power transmission structure.
The iron ore from the Serra Azul Unit will be shipped to the international market, through the Sudeste Superport, with 64% of its production already committed to long-term contracts with SK Networks Co, Ltd. and Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation.
Rio de Janeiro, November 5th, 2012.
Guilherme Frederico Escalhão
CEO and Investor Relations Officer
MMX Mineração e Metálicos S.A.
About MMX
MMX, Eike Batista’s EBX Group mining company, was created in 2005. With two systems in operation – the Sudeste System, in Minas Gerais, and the Corumbá System, in Mato Grosso do Sul – MMX has installed capacity to produce 10.8 million tons of iron ore per year. MMX is also present in Rio de Janeiro, with the Sudeste Superport, which is being built in Sepetiba Bay. MMX also owns iron ore mining rights in Chile and in Bom Sucesso (MG). The goal of the company is to increase its installed capacity to more than 40 million tons of iron ore per year. Currently, MMX’s main investment is the expansion of the Serra Azul Unit (MG). In an area adjacent to its operations in Serra Azul, MMX intends to operate, in the future, the Pau de Vinho Mine, which should produce 8 million tons of iron ore per year. For further information, visit the site at: 
Investors: Adriana Marques   +55 21 2163 6197
                  Daniella Maia +55 21 2163 4366
Media: Rachel Porfirio + 55 31 3516 7512
            Juliana Campos + 55 31 3516 7542
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