Response to Official Letter GAE 3439/13 – Request for clarification
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Rio de Janeiro, September 5, 2013.
Attn.: Mr. Nelson Barroso Ortega 
Corporate Oversight Department
C.c.: Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission
Mr. Fernando Soares Vieira – Corporate Relations Superintendency
Mr. Waldir de Jesus Nobre – Market and Intermediaries Relationship Superintendency
Re.: Official Letter GAE 3439/13 – Request for clarification
MMX Mineração e Metálicos S.A. (“MMX” or “Company”), holding address at Praça Mahatma Gandhi, 14 – 6th floor, corporate tax identification (CNPJ/MF) n.º 02.762.115/0001-49, represented by its CEO and Investor Relations Officer, hereby replies to Official Letter GAE 3439/13 (“Official Letter”), reproduced below, which requests clarification on the news item “MMX ON halts rate of fall by possible sale” reported in Agência Estado - Broadcast on September 4, 2013 as well as other information deemed relevant.
As informed on other occasions, MMX is currently in the process of evaluating business opportunities in an effort to add value for its shareholders.  Thus far, however, the Company is not party to any contract or binding document – the object of compulsory disclosure – commensurate with the provisions laid down in Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) Instruction n° 358/2002 (“CVM Instruction CVM 358)”.
Additionally, in compliance with the determinations of Art. 4, sole paragraph of CVM Instruction No. 358, the Company has consulted its controlling shareholder on the content of the news item in question and was informed that pursuant to the material fact disclosed on this date, the controlling shareholder is discussing a potential reduction of its shareholding in MMX and that in this context negotiations are underway, though no definitive conclusion to such end has been reached.  Thus far, no document has been signed.  Furthermore, the controlling shareholder informed that it will notify the Company immediately so that it may take steps to disclose to the market as soon as there is any fact or decision subject to disclosure in a complete, sufficient and suitable manner.
Kindly contact us if you require any further information.
Best regards,
Carlos Gonzalez
CEO and Investor Relations Officer
MMX Mineração e Metálicos S.A.
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